Billy had his senior schooling care of the Royal Navy
at the Greenwich Royal Naval College, between the years
of 1919 and January 1924, when he was aged 11-16.

These images include parades on Remembrance day,
and images of the Greenwich static training vessel HMS Fame.

"Bournemouth Queen" - Swanage to Portsmouth, seen at Bournemouth.

Detail of previous. William and Billy sitting, looking more like grandfather/grandson then father and son!

Billy, possibly at Greenwich, possibly on the Bournemouth Queen?

Billy sounding Last Post on HMS Fame at Greenwich, Armistice Day (1919-1922)

Detail of previous

"Company Drill in the Play ground," at Greenwich (1919-1922)

Armistice Day, Greenwich, drill in Play ground, including stern of HMS Fame

Detail of previous

Armistice Day, Greenwich, singing National Anthem

Detail showing HMS Fame

Billy at Greenwich in 1923

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